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Digital marketing is a crucial element in reaching out to your potential customers through online platforms. By enhancing your online visibility, it enables you to improve your chances of attracting traffic that can be converted into leads, ultimately fostering greater growth in the long run.
At OMC, our team boasts a collective experience of over 15 years, along with certifications in SEO, Search Marketing, Digital Marketing and Web projects. We possess in-depth knowledge of Sri Lankan and international SEM requirements, acquired through collaborations with numerous renowned brands and agencies across three continents. Additionally, we are well-versed in utilizing industry-standard tools and analytics software to deliver optimal results for our clients. Our approach encompasses a blend of professionalism, transparency, and effective conversion strategies.

Our Approach

Addressing Business challenges is vital for boosting visibility, driving organic traffic, and maximizing business growth.

The User comes first

We, as a service provider, recognize the importance of user persona analysis in helping you understand and empathize with your target users. Our expertise lies in creating fictional representations of typical users, utilizing demographic, psychographic, and behavioral data. Through this service, we provide you with valuable insights into your users’ needs, goals, and preferences. By utilizing user-centered decisions based on these insights, we enhance the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Our aim is to help you develop strategies that resonate with your target audience, driving engagement and success.

Audit, Research and analysis

Our expertise allows us to conduct thorough audits, assessing your current marketing efforts, evaluating their strengths and weaknesses, and identifying areas for improvement. Through our research capabilities, we gather valuable data and insights about your target audience, market trends, and competitors, enabling us to provide you with informed decisions. Our analysis expertise helps us interpret the collected data, uncovering patterns, trends, and opportunities that allow us to refine your marketing strategies and optimize campaign performance.

effective marketing plans

We specialize in crafting tailored marketing solutions that are customized to your business. By combining our expertise in understanding your target audience, analyzing market trends, and developing effective strategies, we create marketing plans that truly resonate with your customers and contribute to the growth of your business. With this knowledge, we develop compelling marketing campaigns and messaging that effectively communicate your brand’s value proposition. Our goal is to deliver solutions that not only engage your target audience but also drive tangible business growth, helping you achieve your marketing objectives and maximize your return on investment.

Fields of expertise

Digital Communication Strategy

A digital communication strategy refers to a planned approach that outlines how an organization will use digital channels to effectively engage and communicate with its target audience. 

  • Developing comprehensive marketing roadmaps tailored to your business
  • Crafting strategic branding and communication plans to elevate your business.
  • Professional training and consultation services for your marketing teams. 

Search Ranking

Search engine optimization is split into various subdivisions, which are also our service lines. 

  • Website Optimisation
  • UI/UX Design and
  • Content Optimisation
  • Keywords Analysis
  • Search Ranking Strategy
  • Keywords Ranking
  • Performances and
  • Maintaining

Digital Advertising

Our approach will help your Business Website appear on the first page of Google/Social Media immediately, bringing instant results and enquiries.

  • Competitive and market analysis
  • Keyword research and selection
  • Split Testing of Ads
  • Conversion tracking
  • Marketing/Remarketing campaign
  • Campaign performance improvements

Web Analytics and CRO Audit

We mine all available data sources and look for true behavioural insights around which to shape things like content strategy, user experience and conversion drivers.

  • Real time analytics
  • In-page analytics
  • SEO/Content auditing
  • Competitor auditing
  • Website technical audit

Case Studies

As a team, we have a deep understanding of search marketing and are committed to helping your business achieve a positive ROI through our expertise and services. Click below for in-depth details about case studies.

Our Clients

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