How ranking growth transformed Amante

About amanté

amanté is a leading intimate wear brand that is dedicated to providing South Asian women with comfortable, fashionable, and innovative products. With an extensive product range that includes lingerie, nightwear, swimwear, and activewear, amanté caters to the needs of individuals with a fashion-forward lifestyle. With a strong presence in the market, amanté boasts over 100+ outlets across Sri Lanka, both online and in physical stores. One of its unique selling points is that it offers international quality underwear that is manufactured locally in Sri Lanka. Having been a client since 2018, amanté holds the distinction of being the largest retailer of women’s underwear in Sri Lanka. Initially founded by MAS Holdings, the brand was later acquired by the Indian conglomerate Reliance Industries Ltd under their Reliance Retail arm in 2021.


Addressing Challanges

Addressing SEO challenges is vital for boosting visibility, driving organic traffic, and maximizing business growth.


We identified areas that needed attention, including a suboptimal keyword strategy, underperforming SEO practices, insufficient content, low rankings and relevance, and a noticeable decline in organic traffic. These insights prompted us to take proactive measures to address these challenges head-on and devise an effective strategy that would yield better results.


Seeking a fresh perspective and renewed results, amanté turned to OMC Digital following previous SEO endeavors that did not yield the desired outcomes. Recognizing the significance of a robust digital presence and effective search engine optimization, we approached OMC Digital with the goal of revitalizing our digital strategy and achieving improved results.


A thorough site audit uncovered technical issues, low content volume, poorly optimized metadata, too-niche keywords, and infrequent off-page links and content. Armed with these insights, we can now address these issues and implement measures to enhance performance and visibility.


How we elevated amanté’s online presence with powerful SEO optimization solutions 

Implementing Best Practices

We conducted an SEO site audit, providing our developers with a comprehensive report for aligning the website with best practices, addressing technical fixes, optimizing performance, enhancing visibility, and improving the user experience.

Keywords Strategy

We conducted extensive keyword research to build a strong strategy, incorporating a diverse range of relevant terms into our content and optimization to attract the right audience, boost relevance, and ensure sustainable visibility in search results.

Content Optimisation

We enhanced our on-page content by adding valuable information and re-optimizing pages with researched keywords, updating meta tags and alt text, and aligning schema with industry standards, resulting in an improved user experience and increased search engine visibility.

Keywords Ranking Activities

We devised a monthly plan to boost off-page content and acquire quality links, acknowledging their impact on our website’s Google ranking. This included establishing a solid link foundation, optimizing PR content with SEO elements, implementing diverse off-page strategies on multiple platforms, all aimed at enhancing credibility, visibility, and overall Google standing.



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