SEO campaign for a Sri Lankan Tea Producer in Sydney, Australia

About the Client

• Sri Lankan Tea Producer: Our client is a Sri Lankan tea producer who has established a presence in Sydney, Australia. They have a rich heritage in tea production, specializing in sourcing and distributing high-quality, authentic Sri Lankan teas to tea enthusiasts and retailers in the local market.
• Quality and Authenticity: The client prides themselves on their commitment to quality and authenticity. They work closely with reputable tea estates in Sri Lanka, ensuring that their teas are sourced from the finest leaves and processed using traditional methods, resulting in an exceptional tea-drinking experience.
• Ecommerce Focus: Recognizing the potential of the online market, the client has invested in developing an ecommerce website to showcase their wide range of Sri Lankan teas. They aim to capture the attention of tea lovers in Sydney and provide them with a convenient platform to explore and purchase their favourite teas.



Addressing Challanges

Addressing PPC challenges is vital for boosting visibility, driving organic traffic, and maximizing business growth.

Low Website Visibility: The client’s ecommerce website struggles with low visibility in search engine rankings. As a result, their website is not receiving significant organic traffic, making it challenging to attract potential customers and generate sales.

Intense Market Competition: The tea industry in Sydney is highly competitive, with numerous established tea brands and suppliers vying for market share. The client faces the challenge of differentiating themselves and standing out amidst this crowded organic traffic.

Limited Sales and Conversion: Despite having a diverse range of high-quality teas, the client’s ecommerce website is experiencing limited sales and low conversion rates. Visitors are not converting into customers, which indicates a need to improve the website’s user experience and enhance the sales funnel.


How we elevated amanté’s online presence with powerful SEO optimization solutions 

SEO Strategy

We implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy to improve the client’s website visibility and search engine rankings. By conducting thorough keyword research and optimizing on-page elements such as meta tags, headings, and content, we successfully increased the website’s ranking from beyond the 10th page to the 5th page within one year. For targeted keywords, we achieved first-page rankings, resulting in a 38% increase in organic traffic.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We conducted an in-depth analysis of the client’s website and identified areas for improvement in the user experience and sales funnel. By implementing CRO techniques such as optimizing product pages, simplifying the checkout process, and incorporating persuasive call-to-action elements, we were able to increase the conversion rate by 20%, resulting in higher sales and revenue.


Social Media Advertising

We developed and executed a targeted social media advertising campaign on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. By precisely targeting tea enthusiasts, foodies, and health-conscious individuals in the Sydney area, we raised brand awareness and drove quality traffic to the client’s ecommerce website. This campaign contributed to the overall increase in website traffic and resulted in a 50% increase in sales within the first six months.


Growth of the Ranking - Tea
Over 38% increase in organic traffic - Tea


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