Successful FB Lead Campaign for a Yoga Teacher

About the Client

• Experienced Yoga Teacher: Our client is an experienced and certified yoga teacher based in Colombo, Sri Lanka, with over 10 years of teaching experience in various yoga styles and techniques
• Passion for Wellness: The client is deeply passionate about promoting wellness and a healthy lifestyle through yoga. Their mission is to help individuals achieve physical, mental, and emotional well-being through the practice of yoga.
• Adaptation to COVID-19: During the first COVID-19 lockdown in Sri Lanka, the client faced challenges in reaching out to potential students due to the closure of physical yoga studios. This prompted them to seek digital marketing solutions to continue teaching and connect with new students.
• Facebook Lead Campaign: The client collaborated with our digital marketing company to launch a Facebook lead campaign aimed at attracting individuals interested in practicing yoga from the comfort of their homes. The campaign focused on promoting online yoga classes and workshops tailored for different skill levels and age groups.
• First COVID Lockdown Impact: The first COVID-19 lockdown in Sri Lanka, with limited movement and increased focus on health and wellness, created a favorable environment for the client’s yoga services. This presented an opportunity to capitalize on the growing demand for online fitness and wellness activities.
• Growth and Expansion Goals: The client aims to expand their reach and impact by attracting a larger audience of yoga enthusiasts through online platforms. They are eager to leverage digital marketing strategies to enhance their online presence, increase student enrollment, and establish themselves as a trusted yoga teacher in Colombo and beyond.


Addressing Challanges

Addressing PPC challenges is vital for boosting visibility, driving organic traffic, and maximizing business growth.

Limited Reach and Awareness: The yoga teacher struggled to reach a wider audience and generate awareness about their virtual yoga sessions during the lockdown. As a result, the sales and enrolment for the online classes were below expectations, with only 50 sign-ups in the first month.

Difficulty in Targeting the Right Audience: Without effective targeting, the yoga teacher faced challenges in connecting with individuals who were genuinely interested in practising yoga from home. This led to a lower conversion rate, with only 10% of website visitors signing up for the virtual sessions.

Lack of Online Marketing Expertise: The yoga teacher lacked expertise in online marketing strategies, making it challenging to effectively promote the virtual yoga sessions on social media platforms. This resulted in missed opportunities and limited reach, hindering the growth potential of the virtual sessions.


How we elevated amanté’s online presence with powerful SEO optimization solutions 

Targeted Facebook Ad Campaign

We conducted a targeted Facebook ad campaign, focusing on individuals in Colombo, Kandy and South interested in fitness, wellness, and yoga. By optimizing the ad targeting, we reached over 100,000 potential customers.

Creatives and Ad Copy

We created visually captivating ad creatives and crafted persuasive ad copy highlighting the benefits of the virtual yoga sessions. These optimized creatives and copy achieved a 15% click-through rate and increased the conversion rate by 30%, resulting in 50 sign-ups in the following month.

Conversion Optimization

We designed a high-converting landing page with an intuitive sign-up form, emphasizing the convenience and transformative effects of practising yoga from home. By optimizing the landing page for user experience and implementing effective call-to-action elements, we achieved a conversion rate of 20%, doubling the number of sign-ups to 100.




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